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Whether you are a physician, dental specialist or a general dentist the relationships we build with our patients is important to us. Referring to another doctor is a reflection of our own professional judgement; wanting the best for our patients is a natural desire. If you are a specialist who has specific cosmetic desires, if your patient has a need for laser tissue contouring or a frenectomy or you are a general dentist with a patient or family of patients moving to the South Bay area of California we welcome your referral. We promise to do our best to provide the same high level of care that your office provided for your patient.


Cater Galante - Orthodontic Specialists

To Whom It May Concern,

I have known Dr. Robert Shorey for over a decade. Besides practicing in the Sacramento area and working with his patients to provide them orthodontic treatment, I served with him on the Sacramento District Dental Society Board of Directors for 2 years. He was in an executive position as President and Immediate Past-president during those 2 years.

As a clinician, his skills, both as a dentist and as an owner of a practice are exemplary. I would put him in the top 1% of all dentists worldwide for his expertise in patient care, practice management and overall communication skills.

He has a particular interest and skills with all things technical and has always been at the forefront of what is new in the dental field. He lectures nationally on digital technologies for the dental practice and promotes the use of visual media like digital clinical photography as a key ingredient for patient treatment planning and patient education.

He keeps up on all new digital software innovations and other digital products and services that ultimately will help dentists provide the best care possible for their patients as well as streamlining the entire process for the patients. The majority of dentists I personally know, do not have this level of expertise, passion or interest in developing technologies in dentistry today.

As President of the Sacramento District Dental Society, the third largest in California, his leadership skills helped our Board function as a well informed team and get the work done that was required of our board members. He was able to lead through those situations where members had strong opinions that differed, but in the end lead us to conclusions that we were all happy with.

On a personal note, Dr. Shorey is an incredible father, fantastic cook and a loyal friend. Add those qualities to his leadership and dental skills and his long term interest in digital technologies and you have a unique and one of a kind inpidual that would be a tremendous asset to any organization seeking to be at the forefront of digital technologies.

I am more than happy to provide more information regarding Dr. Shorey. You can reach me at my practice number listed below.


Dr. Donna Galante 916-435-8000

Glen A. Tueller, DDS - General Dentist

I have known and worked with Dr. Robert Shorey for twenty plus years on many projects and committees for the Sacramento District Dental Society. Both of us are past Presidents to the Society and I was able to watch Robert develop and mature as a dental leader. He is a respected member of our profession, who has written many professional articles on a variety of subjects. In his role as a representative for the Society, he has developed excellent verbal and communication skills making presentations before large audiences. I know he would represent your company in a professional manner.

On a personal level, Robert has been very helpful to my private practice by setting up a Cannon digital camera for me and teaching my staff the benefits of dental photography. For many years, my desire was to document my patients with excellent photos, but was hesitant to purchase an expensive system without his knowledgeable recommendations. Also, he has been very knowledgeable and helpful in evaluating my old dental computer management system and intraoral camera. Giving me many ideas on how to update the office and making it more efficient.

Robert is ahead of most of dentists with the use of the new technology that is available for our offices. Seeing him as a leader in this field, many of us would like to take advantage of his knowledge and skills.

Please contact me for more information or any questions.

Glen A. Tueller, D.D.S.

3311 Watt Ave Sacramento, CA 95821

(916) 488-7900

Paul Binon, DDS, MSD - Prosthodontic Specialist

I have had the privilege of knowing Dr. Robert Shorey professionally for more than 10 years. During the course of those years I was able to observe and experience first hand his excellent leadership ability. We worked together on several committees in our local dental society. He is a focused and tireless worker. He was able to come up with innovative solutions during the course of his tenure on the Sacramento District Dental Society board of directors and as President of the society.

I have also experienced first hand his clinical abilities. Without any reservation, I can say that he is the consummate dental clinician. His restorative treatment is definitely superior.

I have also experienced his teaching and lecturing ability. Having considerable experience in that arena as well, I can attest that the content and delivery of his lecture material is very good.

I highly recommend him as a clinician, leader, lecturer and a reliable, ethical professional. If I can be of any further help, please feel free to contact me for further

Sincerely yours,

Paul Binon, DDS

MSD Prosthodontist

Adjunct Professor of Prosthodontics (Indiana University)

Research Scientist (University of California San Francisco)

Curtis Henrich - Certified Dental Lab Technician

During the past six years, I have had the distinct pleasure of having Dr. Robert Shorey work with our dental laboratory. As he leaves to accept new challenges, I welcome this opportunity to provide a recommendation on his behalf. Our dental laboratory specializes in full mouth reconstructive cases with every metal design possible; from large bridgework to single crowns, all ceramic, as well as any type of custom implant abutments. We currently have the ability to receive and process digital impressions from both the Lava Chair side Oral Scanner C.O.S. and the Cerec Acquisition Center (AC) systems. We also have the ability to fabricate several different types of restorations utilizing CAD/CAM and digital photo technologies in house. We have worked with over 175 Dentists locally and nationally over the past twenty years. In my association with Dr. Robert Shorey, his prosthetic abilities as a dentist has been exemplary compared to the many dentists that we have worked with both past and present.

One of the best qualities that Dr. Robert Shorey possesses is his willingness to communicate with the laboratory to achieve the best outcome for his patients. He provided superior information whether by written information on his Rx forms, verbal conversation, digital photography, and overall willingness to work as a team with the laboratory. Most impressive is his ability to provide great impressions and preparations on a consistent basis. His analytical skills are sharply honed, especially in the understanding of the different preparations needed for the array of restoration materials. He was dedicated to achieving great results, and always had a willingness to work with the laboratory on any challenges that arose during the case fabrication process. Dr. Shorey’s approach to his job can be characterized as truly professional. I wish him my very best as he seeks new frontiers.

Curtis Henrichs

Vice President, Western Dental Arts, Inc.

Angela Toy - General Dentist

I am writing on behalf of my colleague Dr. Robert Shorey concerning a position within your company. I am an actively practicing general denstist is Minnesota and had the pleasure of working with Dr. Shorey while he was with our group. As a younger dentist (practicing for only seven years) I am always looking forward to the exciting future of dentistry and all it has to offer practitioners and patients. It is difficult to find experienced dentists who are willing to teach and guide younger dentists and make them aware of what new techniques and technologies are available. Additionally, it can be very challenging for a young practitioner to weed through the vast knowledge and technologies available.

Dr. Shorey was one of the few dentists within our group that was an active advocate for education and open discussion. He held continuing education courses for the other doctors on digital photography, which is one of his many talents. The response to that course was very positive and it helped me incorporate that technology into my own practice. Dr. Shorey is a dentist who has an obvious love for dentistry, teaching and sharing of ideas. Following the course, he was a strong advocate and organizer of a dental forum in which dentists within the group could post pictures of cases for open discussion. He would frequently present his own cases, offer tips for chairside techniques and pose questions to encourage active participation. Furthermore, he took time out of his own schedule to personally visit my office and show me how to incorporate and efficiently incorporate digital technology into my practice. This was very meaningful for me on a professional level and a personal level. I have never had another colleague take the time as he did to help me.

Finally, I feel that Dr. Shorey is a great communicator. I feel that younger dentists can easily be intimidated by a more experienced one. I have always felt that Dr. Shorey was easy to talk with and always treated other colleagues with a mutual respect. He was open to other opinions and challenged us to consider different points of view.

In conclusion, Dr. Shorey is an experienced dentist with excellent clinical skills as well as possessing an extensive knowledge base of the current and upcoming

dental technologies. I feel he would be an excellent representative for your company and what it has to offer. He is a positive advocate for dentistry and how it can be enhanced for the benefit of its practitioners, and most importantly the patients. If you have any questions regarding this letter please do not hesitate to contact me.


Dr. Angela Toy


Andrea Azevedo, DDS MPH General and Public Health Specialist

I have known Dr. Shorey for about eight years, when I first visited his dental office at the time I obtained my dental license in California. From the time I met Dr. Shorey, I have been impressed not only with his professionalism, but with his sense of fairness and a commitment to excellence. In addition, he seemed approachable and supportive of his patients and staff.

Throughout the years, we had various encounters at the Sacramento District Dental Society (SDDS) meetings. He is a leader in dentistry in the Sacramento area and became the SDDS president in 2008. During his term as president, one of his major objectives was to address the lack of access to oral health services to the underserved. He is committed to adults as well as a strong supporter of the SDDS sponsored "Smiles for Kids" event when dentists and their staff open their offices to provide restorative and preventive treatment to low income children. As a practicing dentist and as a public health professional, once again I was impressed with his commitment not only to private dentistry but also to addressing the the needs of low income populations.

Dr. Shorey is an expert in technology and in utilizing it to enhance the quality of dental services to patients in private practice. Dr. Shorey is also known for mentoring undergraduate students applying for dental school.

In summary, Dr. Shorey is a leader in his profession, has a passion for technology, is a mentor to all, and has a commitment to excellence. I highly recommend him without any reservations and wish him the best in his new endeavors. He will be an outstanding addition to any practice, group or organization.


Andrea Azevedo, DDS, MPH



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