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dental techPreventive Care

At Shorey Dentistry we practice the art and science of dental medicine, and that begins with preventive care.  Excellent oral health is reflected in your smile and ensures that you can eat and speak properly as well as look and feel good.  Maintaining the strength of your teeth and gums is important for your total health and is why educating our patients about good oral hygiene is an integral part of our practice.

Thorough examinations and professional cleanings allow us to identify areas of concern while they are still in their early stages.  Our practice excels in educating our patients to understand their oral condition and what they personally can do to keep themselves healthy.

Smile Design

From single tooth-colored restorations to full mouth smile makeovers, Shorey Dentistry can provide you with a wide range of aesthetic services.

The use of digital xrays, photography as well as your individual dental habits, facial structure and existing dental work is taken into account to help plan and design smile makeovers. Our technology allows us to preview the potential results before providing cosmetic changes to our patients. This method of case planning results in a collaborative effort between doctor and patient that has the highest likelihood of achieving patient satisfaction and long lasting results.

dental x-raysDental Implants

The replacement of teeth with implants can transform you into a fully functional, more youthful appearing,  smiling individual. Implants are one of the best choices for single tooth replacement especially in circumstances where the adjacent teeth to the missing tooth are in pristine condition.

Our office is committed to working with leading manufacturers which assures our patients the highest quality materials and long-term support.  Shorey Dentistry’s focus is on the restoration of implants while working closely to plan your care with a specialty team focusing on the surgical placement of the implant body. This type of team work helps provide the highest quality service possible.

Restorative Technology

Prevention is key but on those occasions when treatment is needed Dr. Shorey and his team are highly trained to provide modern, restorative care ranging from the simple to the complex, giving you more choices using the latest technology.


The GALILEOS® 3-D Cone Beam is an innovative diagnostic piece of equipment we’ve added to our practice in an effort to continue bringing you the most efficient, comfortable and effective dentistry possible. The GALILEOS® system creates a 3-D image of your entire jaw in a matter of seconds. The stored digital information allows a virtual visualization of your airway and sinuses, 3D review of the jaw joints, all teeth and associated structures. It requires much less time than it would take for you to receive a standard set of eighteen X-rays. The 3-D scans lets us easily detect early signs of many dental problems so that we can treat them before they develop into more serious conditions - which could mean fewer appointments and lower costs for you in the long run.

3D imaging allows us to see more diagnostic information and virtually pre-plan dental procedures before treatment starts. Preplanning helps us achieve more precise results and less post-operative problems. Dr. Shorey is the only General Dentist in Morgan Hill to have this technology in his office; this means we do not have to send our patients elsewhere for scans making it more convenient and cost-effective for you.


Shorey Dentistry also uses CAD/CAM technology to create durable, precise-fitting crowns, veneers and more. Traditional restorations may take several weeks and multiple office visits but with CAD/CAM, we are able to perform single-visit restorations that have you leaving our office with a healthy, beautiful smile.


Using Laser Technology in our practice assists us in treating soft tissues. Our office has invested in this technology so that we can remove minor soft tissue lesions bloodlessly, provide minor surgical techniques like frenectomies and gingivectomies as well as periodontal therapy of deep pockets.

dental techDigital Clinical Photography

Dr. Shorey is a recognized expert in the use of clinical photography in dentistry. As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Dr. Shorey is able to clearly photograph the oral cavity so that important health information can be understandably shared with his patients. This technology  has proven not only useful to share with patient  but also  to share questions about oral conditions with specialist and lab technicians .


You may never need some of these new technologies for your routine dental care but isn’t it nice to know they are available in your dental office if they are needed?