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About Me, Robert Shorey, DDS

Growing up, Dr. Shorey loved art and science and Dental Medicine was a perfect match for those interests. He is a graduate of the University of Southern California School of Dentistry. After graduation, Dr. Shorey practiced in the Sacramento/Placer County area for 25 years before moving to Morgan Hill to take over the practice of Dr. Robert Moulthrop, his long-time friend and dental school roommate.


“Every day of my career I strive to enrich and better my skills by continually seeking to learn and advance my knowledge and abilities to fulfill my passion for dentistry and provide my patients with the care they deserve.”


Having a strong interest in digital technology has put Dr. Shorey in a category foremost in his profession. He has authored multiple technology articles as well as lectured on the state and national level. Over his career he not only has incorporated new technologies into his progressive practice of dentistry but he also believes strongly in preventive care and the whole health and education of his patients.


Dr. Shorey is an active participant in dental leadership receiving the prestigious President’s Award in 1998 for contributions to his local dental society. He was a member of the society's Board of Directors, a delegate to the California Dental Association, chairman of the Midwinter Dental Conference for Continuing Dental Training and Education, a dental journal Editor and guest Editor for the CDA as well as a lecturer on new clinical dental technologies. Dr. Shorey served as President of the Sacramento District Dental Society in 2008 and is currently on the Editorial Board and CE Committee of the Santa Clara County Dental Society.


In his leisure, Dr. Shorey is an avid road cyclist and photography enthusiast. He has done several 100 mile and metric century rides in our Northern California area.  In the winter he enjoys Skiing the slopes of Lake Tahoe.


Dr. Shorey’s  unique artistry and experience allows him to care for smiles of all ages, from prevention to full-mouth restoration. He is proud that his team  shares his same values of continued development and advancements toward achieving a patient’s optimum health, comfort and trust.

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